Plate Bearing Tests


With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, we have witnessed how value engineering and health & safety have seen a big rise in the demand for Plate Bearing Tests.

It is now commonplace to have to prove that the working platforms for cranes and piling rigs, even HIAB deliveries for site accommodation, are substantial for the mobile plant.

The days of “It’ll be alright Jack!” are long gone and most lifting plans will specify working platforms and loadings that need to be proved prior to work commencing.

Using the latest “Plateman” technology developed by Test Consult, the plate bearing tests are carried out faster, with absolute accuracy and in a much safer environment that traditional methods.


Adhering strictly to the British Standard BS 1377 part 9, equipment is self logging and connected to the business-end via Bluetooth, enabling the operator to set up and monitor the tests away from the plant being used as a reaction load. Traditional methods involve being sat within the tracks of the machine, constantly monitoring gauges while the equipment is loaded to anything up to 50t per m2.


The comprehensive software also produces the results immediately including maximum ground bearing pressure and CBR value. The results can be emailed directly to the client at the end of the session. This may also give need for additional tests which can usually be carried out without a return visit therefore saving time, money and program.

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