CBR Testing

Accurate CBR Results Save Time & Money

cbr_testingCBR (Californian bearing ratio) testing is primarily used in road and car park design where the drawings provide formation details in relation to the on-site CBR value.

A low CBR of less than 2.5% will need a full capping layer whereas higher values of say more than 5% may only require type 1.

CBR tests are also often called for to check on the compaction of type 1 under slabs or before tarmac is laid.

At Simply CBR, we have moved away from the traditional on-site test of jacking off the back of a vehicle which is slow and costly.

Firstly, you need a vehicle to jack the equipment from which is fine if you can get a 4WD to the test area but often this is not possible. Secondly, the traditional test can only be used on ground that has an aggregate size of less than 20mm so it cannot be used for testing type 1 / 6F2 etc.

Advantages of using Simply CBR

cbr_tests_hampshireUsing the latest dynamic plate bearing tester, access and aggregate size are no longer an issue. The equipment, which can be carried to the test site, can also be used in trenches and pits without the working space normally required which is ideal for checking trench reinstatements.

The results are instant and can be emailed from site. The test speed means that several tests can be carried out in the time a traditional test would take giving a much better average and picture of the ground in question.

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